Rebuilding Snit - Speaking With Rob Tosh

A sneak peek and interview with Rob Tosh - the mind behind


8/5/2022 1 min read

After I made my video about why I love YTV so much, I noticed something interesting pop up on the "YTVretro" subreddit - I saw that there was a user who seemed to be saying that they were "rebuilding Snit". My initial reaction was that it was probably some sort of joke, or that it would be some sort of bootleg puppet built in a dusty garage. However, this could not be further from the truth.

The man's name is Rob Tosh, and he has over 20 years of experience in the Canadian Media field. He was worked with names such as PJ Phil before, and he, like many YTV fans, loved what the network was doing, and most of all, he loved the character of Snit.

When I had reached out to see if I could speak with anybody involved in anything YTV, he reached out and said he would love to talk about his plan to rebuild Snit, and send me a link to his website,

I got the chance to sit down with Rob and discuss all things Snit -- the new 'Snit 2.2', what ever happened to the old snit, the plans for the project and the process of building. Check out some of what he had to say below along with some awesome new pictures that he shared with me, and see our full interview on here, or on the thumbnail above!

The following is an excerpt from our interview:

Rob: I came up with the wild idea to rebuild Snit the way he was supposed to look, not the crappy puppet we built for um our local tv show, which was basically a computer screen and, you know, some macgyvered eyeballs on top. So I teamed up with a builder and we started kind of looking through all the footage everything that is on the internet right now and, believe it or not. there isn't really one good high resolution picture of Snit in existence on the internet!

U\C: I can't believe it!

Rob: I think that was just because when Snit was on tv, the internet was kind of just starting.

U\C: Yeah, that's right.

Rob: There was no good resolution pictures because there was no way to take them, right? So, of course I'm still in contact with the original puppeteer of Snit, I'm still in contact with Phil. Although Phil, he does adventures. Phil has to really want to do something. He's kind of like Canada's Bill Murray. Bill Murray has to love the project and be in the right headspace and be in the right place to want to do something.

U\C: Gotcha.

Rob: And right now PJ Phil is doing professional wrestling!

U\C: I saw that, yeah!

Rob: So it's called “Superkick” and it's based here in Ontario, and from what I can tell, literally in a month he completely trained himself how to be a professional wrestler and he just won the tag team title championship with that organization! His like, first time actually wrestling in a ring!

U\C: Yeah that's crazy!

Rob: Well, that's Phil for you! So yeah, I decided to build the puppet and I did it, and I did it because I wanted to do it and I didn't tell anybody because technically, we don't have the official rights to the character! Currently what we're doing, I managed to register and we're building a website! And what that website is going to be, it's kind of like the history of Snit. So we're going to take all of this random material that exists on the internet and we're going to put it all in one place because right now, if you type ‘Snit’ you're on, you know, five different websites, six different social media platforms, numerous YouTube channels. It's not all organized - and that's what we're doing. And then as a part of that, of course, we've built our own Snit - to the best of our ability. When i got my builder i'm like, “let's build something that's inspired by Snit” and then, it ended up looking really good. So that's kind of what point we're at right now. We got the puppet, I'm going to be bringing the original puppeteer Atul Rao into the studio, and not only are we going to shoot an interview with him about his history and what he remembers on the puppet, but we're gonna have him operate the puppet and we're gonna shoot some stuff and new original material. And if all goes well we're gonna keep doing it and see if we can revive the character!

Check out more at the link below, and some cool behind the scenes photos!